Work Order Management System

Tru-Check’s Work Order Management System is a software application designed to efficiently track all aspects of an AMR/AMI Installation project. This includes pending work orders, completed work orders, work orders returned to our customers, field technician’s accuracy and efficiency, installation and exception photographs, inventory changes, quality audits, and customer interactions.

Paired with the Trimble Nomad®, a rugged GPS-enabled handheld with a built-in barcode scanner, Tru-Check’s system can reduce installation errors through data comparisons in the field and customizable reporting in the office at the end of the work day. This combination along with an installation photograph reduces data entry errors and prevents disputes with customers after meter deployment.

trimble nomad handheld deviceFeatures

Customizable: We can match your CIS data with little or no formatting on your part.

Scalable: Whether a small pilot of a few hundred endpoints or a full rollout with several hundred thousand we can adjust the system to match your needs.

Configurable: With customized reports, we can allow for your unique needs and challenges. 

Data in the Field

Our customizable workflow minimizes errors by comparing what our field technicians see in the field with the information you provide. This includes but is not limited to Old Meter Number, Previous Read, Read High Limit, Electric Meter Form and Class, Gas Meter Foot Drive, Water Meter Size, and Customer Address.

We are often asked to gather additional information for our customers during the installation process. Examples of these include the condition of electric meter boxes and overhead services, detectable corrosion on gas meters, and the type of structure the meter is attached to. If you want it we can build it into our system!