System Audits

Tru-Check can perform complete system audits and surveys. In most cases after a utility has automated no one visits the meter premises for sometimes years on end. We provide electronic data management of all audit information and can capture and provide GPS coordinates for each meter location.

Whether it is a one-time complete read and survey or a perpetual program to comply with PSC regulations, we can design a program that fits your needs and budget.


We locate the meter and check for proper installations and record the reading with digital photo. We also check the site for any signs of tampering or unsafe conditions, whether on the Utility side or Customer side. We then follow service line to pole check for low lines, limbs or other possible hazards that could result in a unsafe condition or service problem in the future.


We visit the site and check for proper installation and operation of the reading device and record via digital photography. Check for leaks and tampering. We do a complete atmospheric corrosion survey and record state of site with digital photography. Record and report any abnormal conditions.


We visit each location to verify meter reading, operation of reading device, proper installation, look for signs of tampering. We also provide digital photo of the site, check for leaks and document and report any abnormal conditions that may exist at site.